Just In Time For Year End!

Whether 2018 has been a struggle for you or;  

You've been kicking ass and taking names;  

A few more sales by year end isn't going to be a bad thing!  

The challenge is that many of you think you have a lot of time to do it but;  

When we back out the time lost for things like Labor Day and Veteran's Day, you've lost a little time but;  

Then the REAL fun begins . . . Now you have Thanksgiving which ISN'T just a 4 day weekend. You'll most probably lose the better part of a week for that one and;  

Then for the grand finale, you have the whole business world mentally checking out either right after Thanksgiving, or by the second week in December.  

That's when you get to struggle to pull out a miracle while the whole world tells you to;  

"Call me back AFTER the holidays!"  

So for those of you who would like to pick up the pace NOW and get a few more deals in the bank;  

I've created something that can help you!  

It's appropriately titled How To Increase Your Sales and includes 2 sessions, 50 tactics and homework assignments to help YOU;  

Kick Ass At A Higher Level! 

Session I (September 13th at 11:30 am EST)  

  • 75+ things we can learn from sales rock stars.
  • A detailed, easy to implement plan, that helps you get in front of more opportunities with both your prospects and clients.
  • How to juggle your hunting activities with the other 20,000 things on your plate.
  • 10 ways to stand out with your potential clients
  • The questioning mistake that costs you business with prospects and clients.
  • 3 ways to skyrocket your referrals.
  • 6 ways to EXPEDITE your deals WITHOUT coming across as desperate.  

Session II (Prerecorded)  

  • The 3 things that MUST dominate your calendar. We’ll talk about how to get them on your calendar, and most importantly, KEEP them on your calendar.
  • The one thing that steals 25% of a sales rep’s time and how YOU can steal it back!
  • How to instantly become MORE productive WITHOUT adding more hours to your day.
  • How to get MORE prospecting time on your calendar WITHOUT adding more hours to your day.
  • How to blow off unnecessary meetings WITHOUT being a jerk.
  • How to use drive time/travel time to your advantage.
  • The 3 sales activities you can easily automate to save tons of time.  


Thursday, September 13th, at 11:30 am EST.  

What's Included?  

(2) 90 minute workshops (one live, one prerecorded) with over 50 tips and tactics to help you increase your sales.  


Homework assignment where you'll submit your action plan to me and I will offer feedback (via email)  

How much?  


So if you'd like to push yourself a bit, try some new tactics and;  

Have someone to report back to who is genuinely interested in your success; Click HERE ASAP to get started!