Decision Makers Have Memorized Your Prospecting Playbook!

As far fetched as that might seem, it's true, and here's why;

Decision makers have been exposed to thousands of calls, voicemails, emails, and LinkedIn messaging, and guess what;

It all pretty much sounds the same.

And when it all sounds the same, you can sniff that sh*t from a mile away, and;

You become a master of shutting it down!

How do I know this?

I know this because as a business owner the messaging I receive isn't exactly blowing my skirt up!

I put together a prospecting resource that's designed to help you stand out and gently tap that decision maker on the shoulder.

Oh, and I decided to include 50 templates from email, to cold call openers, to LinkedIn, and;

Just for sh*ts and giggles I'm bringing you into the 21st century with 25 ChatGPT prompts!

You'll Gain Access To These 8 Killer Prospecting Modules:

  • How To Create An Effective Prospecting Plan
  • 20 Ways To Create Opportunities
  • Meticulous Pre-Call Planning
  • How To Avoid and Overcome Phone Objections
  • 10 Cold Email Tactics That Will Get Your Prospect's Attention
  • How To Generate More Opportunities Via LinkedIn
  • The 8 Tactics To Use When Potential Clients AREN'T Returning Your Calls
  • How To Prospect With ChatGPT  

What’s included with this training?

(8) 60-90 Minute Pre-Recorded Training Modules

Email Support For Any Course Related Questions As You Go Through Each Module

Over 50 Phone, Email, and LinkedIn Templates.

25 ChatGPT Prompts

These modules have sold separately for $99 each, and there are 8 of these bad boys bringing the total value to $792, but;

Let's make it $499 and I'll even throw in (2) additional training sessions on the house if you don't procrastinate and enroll ASAP.

I'd Like To Kick Ass With My Prospecting Efforts and Save A Shitton Of Money!

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