Are You Ready To Level Up Your Sales Skills? Join my Summer Sales Challenge!

I have a bit of a timely challenge for you and I'm hoping you're up for it!


In just about a month from now, summer will officially be upon us, and that can mean;


Decision makers mentally checking out and putting things off until the fall.


Also, navigating around multiple vacation schedules when trying to get stakeholders together.


And let's not forget about;


Our own tendency to want to slow things down over the summer, but;


What if we were to use the summer selling season to not only recharge a bit but sharpen our skills?


And just to make it interesting;


What if we had some very specific sales tasks that we focused on so;


We emerged from the summer STRONGER than we were before.


And if you're competitive by nature;


What if we did this while the rest of the world slacked and complained about how challenging it is over the summer?


On Thursday, June 13, at 11:30 am EST, our 2024 Summer Sales Challenge begins and you're invited!


We're going to meet virtually once a week for 6 weeks.


At the end of each session, there will be an assignment and feedback from Paul Castain.


Each week, you'll also receive the session replay in case you couldn't join us live or you'd simply like to review the material again.


You'll receive a ton of templates, scripts, and ChatGPT prompts.

There's even a 1 on 1 private coaching session!


This next part is important;


I'm going to pair you up with another sales rep going through the course and you will each be tasked with being each other's "Accountability Partner". accountability partner!.

7 weeks. 6 sessions. 75 ways to ROCK your prospecting!

How To Own The Summer Selling Season

  • 10 Ways To Leverage "Summer Specific" Outreach
  • THE Best Way To Respond When Prospects/Clients Want To Stall Until After Summer.
  • 5 Productive Things To Do When Things Slow Down.
  • The Quickest/Most Efficient Way To Coordinate With Multiple Stakeholders and Their Vacation Schedules.
  • The "Compelling Reasons" Exercise With Feedback From Paul Castain
  • The "10 Things" Exercise To Be Completed With Your "Accountability Partner"

The Prospecting Tactics Decision Makers Don't Know About 

  • How To Use The Risk Factors Approach (Email Template.
  • The One Type Of Company That Typically Has Plenty Of Money To Burn and How To Approach Them.
  • The "3 Month Window" Approach and Why It Works So Well (Email Template and Phone Script).
  • The Voicenote and Video Tactic That Will Get You Noticed (2 Scripts).
  • Video Prospecting Assignment With Feedback From Paul Castain.
  • Voicenote 2-Step Sequence Assignment With Your "Accountability Partner".

How To Use ChatGPT To Create Better Cold Calls, Cold Emails and Sales Messaging

  • The 2 ChatGPT Audits Each One Of Your Cold Emails, LinkedIn Messaging, and Cold Calls MUST Pass.
  • The Easiest Way To Create Messaging and Complete Sequences When You Don't Know What To Say.
  • 10 ChatGPT Prompts That Will Give You Endless Possibilities For Cold Calls, Voicemails, Cold Emails, LinkedIn, etc.
  • ChatGPT Assignment With Feedback From Paul Castain.
  • ChatGPT Assignment To Be Completed With Your "Accountability Partner".

The 2024 Cold Call Playbook 

  • 5 Ways To Warm Up Your Cold Calls.
  • 5 Cold Call Openers Decision Makers Haven't Heard Before. (5 Templates)
  • Framework For Responding To Standard Objections and Suggested Responses. (Bonus PDF)
  • "Triad" Assignment With Feedback From Paul Castain.
  • "Sparring Session" To Be Completed With "Accountability Partner".
  • BONUS 1 on 1 15 Minute Coaching Session With Paul Castain.

The 2024 Cold Email Playbook

  • How To Write A BETTER Subject Line (PDF With Multiple Subject Lines)
  • The 5 Opening Lines That Ruin Your Emails and The 2 That Will Captivate A Decision Maker.
  • 10 Battle-tested Cold Email Templates That WON'T Get Disregarded and Deleted! (Templates)
  • 3 Must-Have Cold Email Tactics
  • Email Assignment With Feedback From Paul Castain
  • Email Assignment To Be Completed With Your "Accountability Partner".

The 3 Prospecting Sequences EVERY Sales Rep Must Have In Their Arsenal

  • The 5 Components Of A Kick Ass Prospecting Sequence.
  • The Importance Of Leveraging A Multi-Threaded and Multi-Channel Approach
  • 3 10-Touch Sequences Complete With Scripts and Templates
  • Prospecting Sequence Assignment To Be Discussed With "Accountability Partner".
  • Prospecting Sequence Assignment With Feedback From Paul Castain.

Ready for the Summer Sales Challenge?

I can't wait to help you unlock these tips, tactics, and templates!

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Who's behind this challenge?

Paul Castain has 30+ years of "in the trenches" experience and has trained over 70,000 sales reps, sales leaders, and business owners to sell more!  

He led sales teams for Viret-Leonard Graphics, Dale Carnegie, and Jani-King International, as well as several teams on a fractional basis.