The 7 Stories EVERY Sales Rep Needs To Tell

The best features, benefits, bells, and whistles, are meaningless until YOU bring it all to life!

These 7 stories will help you do it MORE effectively!

We All Sound The Same!

How do you and I stand out in a world of "me too" sales reps?

We tell our story in a way that we're anything but a "me too" sales rep!

On Thursday, October 11th, at 11:30 am EST, I'm going to share 7 very specific types of stories you need to have in your sales arsenal.

These 7 stories are designed to help you gently guide your prospect by the hand to a magical place called "a decision".

Here's what you'll gain by joining us;

  • The 7 Frameworks For Compelling Stories.
  • The 7 Sales Stories.
  • The 5 Things That Add Credibility To Your Stories.
  • The Technique I Use To Remember EVERY Story In My Arsenal.
  • How To Use Stories When You Prospect.
  • How To Take A Complex Selling Point And Use A Story To Make It Easier To Comprehend 
  • How To Use Stories To Sell Change In An Organization
  • How To Captivate Your Prospect With Your Delivery.
  • How To Leverage The "Theme and Variation" Tactic.


Thursday, October 11th, at 11:30 am EST.

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My "Story"

A long time ago, in a sales cubicle far, far away …  

Actually, my story begins way before that!  

I saultarted in sales at the ripe old age of 7, selling necklaces to hippies in my neighborhood. I even hired another kid and gave him a territory. Badass, right?  

From there, I was that kid who sold comic books in day camp, bubble gum in middle school, and then started a successful guitar lesson business by the time I was 17! I sold it when I was 20 for $7 million. Not really, but it felt pretty cool writing that!  

The summer I was supposed to get a 'real job' – to pay for my end of college – I grew my hair and played guitar in a local metal band.  

My father wasn't having any of that. He promptly told me, "You're coming to work for me" as a manufacturer's rep selling to the graphic arts industry.  

So I cut my hair went to work for a bald marine named Des Castain who did something for me I'll never forget.  

He fought me tooth and nail for me to make something of my life and more specifically …  

He saw the light in me long before I saw in myself.  

When I finally applied myself, I discovered that I was actually pretty damn good at selling but …  

I became so good that I decided I didn't need to learn anymore, and I certainly didn't need to keep hunting for new business.  

I became arrogant after inheriting the business and within a few short years, I lost everything …  

My business …  

And both of my cars.  

The next thing you know, I'm working nights to pay off $60,000 in debt!  

It took me the better part of a decade to rebuild my life, but I did it and I became a humble student of sales in the process. I also became a way better human being but I'll deny that if you ever bring it up.  

As fate would have it, I ended up reinventing myself while working for top companies like Jani-King, Dale Carnegie and a billion-dollar-a-year printing company, Consolidated Graphics but …  

It wasn't enough!  

So in 2011, I left my cushy job as a Vice President, emptied 3 bank accounts, and started Castain Training Systems!  

And that ballsy move has given me the honor of training over 20,000 sales reps, sales leaders and business owners to sell more.  

I guess I should mention that I've been featured in Selling Power Magazine, Success Magazine and Forbes.  

When I'm not doing my 'Wax on – Wax off' bit with the sales profession …  

I'm hanging out with the hot chick who was in my 12th grade music class (it's cool, we're married – happily I might add – since 1988) …  

My three kids – who aren't so little anymore – 23, 21, and 19 …  

My dog, a rambunctious chick named "Allie" …  

And, I'm still playing my guitar and wondering if there's a market for old, fat, bald guys.  

Oh, and I never forgot the part of the story where my dad saw the light in me before I saw it in myself.  

It's that level of dedication that's enabled me to work with some of the top companies in the world.  

But that's my 'story' and …  

I'm super anxious to hear yours!

— Paul Castain

The 7 Stories EVERY Sales Rep Needs To Tell! 

Join us on Thursday, October 11th, at 11:30 am EST.

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