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Paul Castain reveals over 25 tactics to help you outwork, outfox and outsell your competitors this summer!

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25 Ways To ROCK Your Sales This Summer

I can’t speak for those of you outside of the US, but people here in the US, are about to leave on a “mental sabbatical”!

They start it (at least partially) right around Memorial Day and go full throttle once July 4th hits.

This mental sabbatical occurs from both sides in that;

Buyers love to tell us to “Call back after the summer”

Sales reps believe that its useless to try and get in front of buyers who, on the surface, seem to be checked out.

So it becomes really convenient for reps to blame the buyers and;

Mentally check out as well!

And that’s what kills results because once the smoke clears;

You’ve lost anywhere from 16.5% to 25% of your year!

I thought it might be time to do something about it!

I share 25 Ways To ROCK Your Sales This Summer during a very special download I've prepared for you!

Here’s what I’m going to share . . .

  • 10 email tactics that will help you capture your prospect’s attention (and get more responses)
  • 2 “Summer Specific Attention Getters”
  • 2 ways triple your referrals
  • 3 ways to generate more business with your existing clients
  • 3 ways to handle “Call me back after Labor Day”
  • A ridiculously simple Summertime Communication Plan you can implement the moment I teach it to you
  • How to leverage the summer instead of dreading it
  • How to outwork your competitors this summer (and still enjoy the heck out of yours)


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