Decision Makers Are Busier Than EVER!  

They are more distracted than ever before and . . .  

They have more choices today than ever before . . .  

How do we get them to jump off their treadmill long enough, to hear us out and grant us an appointment?  

Once we have an appointment, how do we take control of that interaction without becoming "controlling" or manipulative?  

How do we ask the questions that emotionally charge our prospects and lead them on a path of self discovery instead of "pitching" them?  

How do we set the rules of engagement in competitive situations and maneuver our competitors into a defensive stance, without bad mouthing them?  

How do we present our solutions in a way that appeals to ALL of the stakeholders?  

How do we keep all those stakeholders engaged between appointments? (Don't forget they're busy and are easily distracted)  

How do we overcome obstacles, stalls and objections, while gaining commitment and without using some cheesy, cliched close?  

And what the heck can we do when a prospect goes "silent" (And what could we have done on the front end, to have reduced the probability of this happening?)  

The wrong question would be . . .  

How does one survive in this environment?  

Perhaps its time to ask a different question;  

How can a sales rep THRIVE in this environment to the point of becoming A Sales Rock Star!  

I've put together a rather unique, online training program, to help you;  

Get In Front Of MORE Opportunities  

Take Better Control Of Those Opportunities  

Bring MORE Of Those Opportunities Across The Finish Line  

I'm going to take you "backstage" and share the step by step system my clients and I have been using to grow our sales. 

I'm going to provide you with templates for email, phone, voicemail, social networking, networking, handwritten notes, and asking for referrals.  

I'm going to share actual examples (no theory or philosophical crap on my watch).  

And I'm going to deliver this in a way that changes the way you feel about "sales training" for the better!  

Please allow me to present . . . Paul Castain's Rock Star Academy!

There are 13 pre-recorded modules so you can go at your own pace. Yep, you won't have to try and make it at a predetermined time, because there ISN'T any!

Here's what I have planned for you;  

Session 1: Creating An Effective Prospecting Plan  

Session 2 : 20 Ways To Create Opportunities  

Session 3: Meticulous Pre-Call Planning  

Session 4: Cold Emails That Get Opened, Read, and Responded To  

Session 5: A Cure For The Common Cold Call.  

Session 6: Social Selling Tactics  

Session 7: Network Like A Pro  

Session 8: How To ROCK Your Referrals  

Session 9: How To Get Your Dream Client's Attention  

Session 10: Creating A Kick-Ass Prospecting Cadence  

Session 11: How To Take Control Of Your Prospect Meetings  

Session 12: Presenting Your Solutions With IMPACT!  

Session 13: Negotiate Like A Pro  


You'll get your first prerecorded session immediately and then a new session will follow once a week.

What's included?  

(13) 45-90 Minute Pre-Recorded Sessions Delivered Once Per Week  

Worksheets For Each Session  

Homework Assignments  

Templates (Actually A Ton Of Templates)  

Bonus e-Books  

Email Access To Paul Castain To Answer Any Course Related Questions and To Get Feedback On Your Assignments.  

What's the investment?  


Please click HERE ASAP to secure your spot in this program! 


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A Word From Your Instructor

"I'll be here for you EVERY step of the way to answer questions, offer feedback on your homework assignments, etc. Please allow me to put my 35 years of selling experience to work for YOU!"

Paul Castain, Chief Sales Officer, Castain Training Systems, LLC