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Trying To Fit It All On The Calendar Is A Real Bitch!

I’m going to go out on a limb and say that you’re busy!  

You have all kinds of sales tasks that you need to complete each and every day, but unfortunately . . . some of them take you away from prospecting!  

If you’re like many sales professionals, that can lead to inconsistent prospecting which can hurt you in the following ways . . .  

1) You’re not working your “hunting muscle groups”. So when you do, eventually get back to prospecting, you’re rusty and it takes you forever to get your groove back!  

2) You’re not visible enough, on a consistent basis, for your prospect to know who you are. You’ve slipped off their radar screen and worse yet, when you do call, you lose precious time while they try and process an important question “Who the hell is this dude?”  

3) Your competitor gains visibility. You could have the best widget in the world but if your prospect doesn’t know about you and meanwhile they hear from your competitor . . . guess what happens?  

But Putting Prospecting On Your Calendar ISN’T Enough!  

You need to create an effective plan, that excites you BEFORE putting it on a calendar and unfortunately long blocks of “cold calls” (for most sales reps) will have them avoiding the activity right quick.  


Because as sales professionals, we just aren’t wired, to do any one task, for an extended period of time!  

And what do you do when something DOESN’T excite you?  

You avoid the Hell out of it!  

Maybe consciously, most probably subconsciously!  

We’re going to lay out a plan that makes sense for YOU!  

One where you can balance . . .  

Hunting For New Business  

Wowing Your Existing Clients  

Growing Your Existing Accounts  

We’ll talk about HOW to go about this as well as WHEN, as in “When the heck can I get this on the schedule?”  

Here are a few other things you can expect from this webinar;  

  • 3 Automated Sales Tactics That Will Save You Time and Make You Money 
  • How To Add 16 More Selling Days In 2020 WITHOUT Infringing Upon Your Personal Life 
  • How To Add 1500 More “Touches”, This Year, To Your Prospecting Efforts (Even When You’re Crazy Busy) 
  • The 5 Obstacles To Building Your Business (and what you can do about it) 
  • A Simple Tactic To Free Up More Selling Time 
  • A Proven Routine To Help You Grow Your Sales
  •  10 Ways To Absolutely ROCK Your Selling Efforts 
  • How To Blow Off Unnecessary Meetings WITHOUT Being Rude 
  • One, SIMPLE Thing That Can Make You More Productive Immediately


Thursday, January 9th, at 11:30 am EST. 

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(1) 90 Minute Webinar With Over 25 Actionable Tips  

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