Master Class: Paul Castain's Closers Academy 

Having sold for 35 years and having trained over 20,000 sales reps, I've really been able to perfect my closing skills.

And if we're being completely honest . . . 

I've also made some EPIC mistakes along the way!

Want to know what I learned about closing MORE deals? Sign up for my new master class and I'll take you step by step, from the moment you set the appointment, to the moment you ask for the business!

What: 2 Session Master Class Program

When: Whenever You'd Like!

Where: Your Computer Screen

Why: Because Your Business Needs It!

You've worked hard to get in front of your opportunities!

Wouldn't it be nice to get a few more deals across the finish line?

Sometimes that's easier said than done!  

There are competitors and internal stakeholders whispering in your contact's ear (both ears if they have two)  

There are obstacles, stalls and objections you need to overcome so; 

How Do You Take BETTER Control . . . 

WITHOUT being controlling, contrived, and manipulative?  

I've put together a special, 2 session, online course, to help you get more of your deals across the finish line!  

Here's the plan;  

Session I (Prerecorded View It At Any Time)  

*The one question you MUST ask the minute you set the appointment. 

*The Pre Appointment Packet you need to get into your prospect's hands BEFORE your meeting.  

*A template that will help you take immediate control of your next prospect meeting (without having you come across as pushy or manipulative).  

*12 tactics that safeguard your deal from obstacles, stalls and objections. 

*5 Types of questions (with examples) that jumpstart your prospect's emotions while forging your credibility.  

*How to disqualify competitors WITHOUT badmouthing them.  

Session II (Prerecorded View At Any Time)  

*The one question you MUST ask BEFORE presenting your solutions.  

*3 things to include in your proposals that your competitors WON'T!  

*How to keep the discussion from going prematurely to price.  

*12 ways to REDUCE doubt, skepticism and objections while keeping your deal moving forward.  

*How to keep the attention of ALL of the stakeholders, better yet, how to keep them actively involved in the meeting!  

*3 psychological techniques that work like a charm.  

*A communication plan that addresses THE most dangerous time with your prospects . . . The time between meetings!  

Go at your own pace!  

Review each 90 minute session in its entirety or break each session up into smaller increments. Binge watch them back to back. I won't tell anyone!  

Here’s What You’ll Get . . .  

(2) 90 minute sessions with over 50 ideas to dramatically improve your ability to get MORE deals across the finish line.  

(2) Sets of Worksheets  


What’s The Investment?  


Sales Managers: Train your entire sales team on this program (and get a FREE 30 minute call with your sales team) and you pay for only 5 people to attend.  

No, that's NOT a typo!  

All you have to do is send an email to and let me know that you’d like to take advantage of this offer. I’ll send you an invoice and once payment is received we’ll set up the FREE team call for you and your sales team.

This class is for you if...

  • You sell in a competitive market.
  • You're constantly being asked to lower your price and/or getting peppered with objections.
  • You have prospects taking a bit longer than usual to buy.
  • You have prospects going silent.
  • You'd like to get MORE of your deals across the finish line! 


What: Master Class Webinar

When: Whenever You'd Like

Where: Your computer screen

Why: Because Your business Needs It!

So... are you in?