You're NOT Selling As Much As You'd Like To!

You know that you're capable of BETTER sales results but for some reason;

It just ISN'T happening for you!

I've been there and quite frankly, it sucks!

Wait a minute, a sales coach is actually admitting that they're human?

Yep, and I'll go a step further and promise you that when it comes to dumb sales mistakes, you could NEVER outdumb me!

Seriously, I made some EPIC ones when I first started selling, but;

Having sold for 30+ years and having read over 1100 books on sales, psychology, personal improvement, leadership, learning, coaching;

I've also;

Been a top 20 sales rep and have taken two of my sales teams to the top 20!

I've coached, mentored, and trained 25,000 sales reps, sales leaders, and business owners who have experienced breakthroughs they never thought possible!


I'm NOT Your Typical Coach!

I work with my clients in a very different way than traditional coaches!  

A traditional coach will ask you lot's of questions, and lead you on a path of self discovery, while providing you with very little of what experts refer to as "ANSWERS"!  

By the time people reach out to me, they have lots of questions of their own and could sure use some answers. That's why I created a very different coaching format.  

Here's what our time together would look like;  

We'll start off with a quick update from you. I'll want to know what you've been up to, what's challenging you, opportunities you're in front of etc, so we can brainstorm.  

Next, we're going to have some accountability by reviewing the action items from our last session.  

We'll then dive right into either a sales lesson I've prepared for you or brainstorming a current challenge or opportunity you're facing.  

We'll conclude the session with you telling me what you feel your action items should be. My job is to make sure you aren't babying yourself while at the same time, aren't working yourself into an early grave!  

Each session is approximately 45 minutes.

Between Sessions

I'll ask you to email me an update on your progress. You'll receive feedback and additional email support. Our relationship will always extend beyond that time when the proverbial "meter is running".  

You'll also receive occasional reinforcement emails, content, etc from me.


Choose just the topics you need, or build an all-inclusive package

Multi-Channel Prospecting

I'll show you how to build a prospecting cadence that includes phone, email, snail mail, LinkedIn, referrals, creative "door openers", text, etc

Growing Your Accounts

We'll create a step by step plan to GROW your accounts!.

Side Gig

Looking to build a side business? I'll show you EVERYTHING you need to know!

Consulting Sessions

Need to create a more in depth strategy for you and/or your entire team? Piece of cake!

Taking BETTER Control Of Your Opportunities 

I'll show you how to take control of your deals WITHOUT being controlling or manipulative!

Managing Your Time More Effectively

We'll talk about how you can be way more productive WITHOUT interfering with your personal time! You're welcome!

Sales Leadership Coaching

Whether you're brand spanking new to sales leadership or a seasoned pro, we'll talk about everything from hiring and onboarding sales rock stars, creating an effective structure, coaching your team, creating a kick ass culture, etc!

"Help Desk"

Have a question or need to bounce an idea around? Running into a challenge that can't wait until our next session? Need another set of eyes to look over that email you need to send? I got your back!


"Paul ISN'T for everyone! If you're extremely sensitive, Paul isn't your guy! But if you're willing to challenge your old habits, and really work to implement new action items, Paul will make you a better boss, and a better salesperson "

Pete Primeau President, Primeau Furniture Sales

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This is a 6 month program with (12) 45 minute sessions and email support between sessions.

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I’m Paul Castain.

I have 30+ years of "in the trenches" experience and have trained over 25,000 sales reps, sales leaders, and business owners to sell more!

Let's talk!

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