The Secret to More Sales In The Months Ahead is Understanding This...

How To Sell During Uncertain Times

During This Webinar, You Will Learn:

  • 10 Ways To Add Value (And Be MORE Human) During These Challenging Times. The Big Advice right now is to "be kind" and "add value", but how do you do that WITHOUT giving away the store? 

  • 2 Messaging Tactics That You'll Need To Start Utilizing ASAP. Times have changed and therefore your sales messaging must change too!

  • 5 Must Have Messaging Templates. We'll discuss the psychology behind each approach and then I'll send you the templates so you don't have to run out and take a crash course on copywriting during an apocalypse.

  • 12 Things You Must Include In Your Cadence To Stay "Top of Mind" and Reduce Obstacles, Stalls, and Objections. Your prospect is distracted, scared, and reluctant to spend money right now!
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Best Practices from 30+ Years of "In The Trenches" Sales Experience!

Paul Castain

Paul Castain has 38 years sales experience and has trained over 25,000 sales reps, sales leaders, and business owners to sell more! He has been featured in Forbes, Success, and Selling Power.