Sometimes it feels like we’re invisible to our potential clients!  

We call and have very little impact.  

We leave messages that go unanswered.  

We send emails that that aren’t responded to and yet;

Somehow we hope that eventually, they’ll grant us an appointment, and hear us out!  

Meanwhile . . .  

We have quotas.  

We have bills to pay and . . .  

It can be really frustrating;

Especially now that it's the fourth quarter and year end is rapidly approaching!  

I’ve put together a special webinar to help YOU;  

Get the ATTENTION of a decision maker who finds it much easier to simply disregard you!  

Here’s what I’m going to share;  

  • 10 Places Where You Need To Start Looking For Business.
  • How To Find Potential Clients With The Urgency To Buy NOW vs January.
  • 10 Fourth Quarter Specific Messaging Tactics. Said Another Way "How To Leverage The Fourth Quarter Instead Of Being Challenged By It!"
  • 3 LinkedIn Prospecting Tactics That Work Like A Charm.
  • 3 Snail Mail Tactics That Will Help You Stand Out Immediately!
  • My Updated 4 Step Messaging Framework That Works With Emails, Cold Calls, Snail Mail, LinkedIn, Etc. 
  • How To Capture Your Dream Client’s Attention In The First Sentence Of Your Emails, Cold Calls and Voicemails.
  • My 5 BEST Sales Email Templates. 
  • 10 Subject Lines That Capture The Recipient's Attention.
  • How To Create A Really Effective Phone Script WITHOUT Sounding Scripted. I’m Also Going To Send You The Template.
  • 7 Voicemail Scripts (With Templates) That Will Help You Stand Out.
  • How To Create A Very Different “Call To Action” That Actually Inspires ACTION!
  • How To Create A Prospecting Cadence That Mixes Phone, Email, LinkedIn, Snail Mail, Etc.  


Thursday, October 25th, at 11:30 am EST  

What Do You Get?  

(1) 90 Minute Webinar  

Webinar Replay  


5 Email Templates  

1 Phone Template  

7 Voicemail Templates  

How Much?  


Please click HERE to reserve your spot.

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