Prospecting has become more challenging during the pandemic!

You have decision makers (who were already distracted) completely consumed with trying to survive another day.

You have other decision makers getting sh*tty (and rightly so) because of the insensitivy of the sales rep cold calling them.

Then you have all these "thought leaders" telling you that you should just "add value" and "be kind" at a time like this, but;

How the heck can you do that and still make quota?

Many of you either don't know what to say when you prospect at a time like this or;

You're simply tapping out and avoiding it altogether.

I thought it might be time for a resource to help you through these challenging times!

How To Prospect More Effectively During The Pandemic

It's a 4 session course, that I've loaded with tons of extras, and;

You can join us from the safety of your own home.

Here's what I've prepared for you;

Session I: 7 Approaches To Prospecting That Are Incredibly Relevant Right Now.

Where the "money" is right now and one counterintuitive approach 99% of your competitors haven't thought of.

A thought process that smart companies utilized during the last recession that changed their results dramatically.

A philosophy American Express pioneered that could work wonders for you right now!

How to REALLY get on your prospect's radar screen WITHOUT being gimmicky or insensitive.

Session II: Retooling Your Cold Calls.

3 phone scripts designed for prospecting during the pandemic. And yes, I'll send you the templates.

3 voicemail scripts that are relevant to what your prospect's are concerned with, right NOW. What? You'd like the templates? Done!

How to respond to a new wave of phone objections and stalls without being insensitive about it! And just for heck of it, we'll have a little chat about what to say when someone gives you hell for prospecting "at a time like this".

How to create "mental body armor" and avoid burnout!

Session III: How To Utilize Emails and LinkedIn.

Why emails crash and burn during times like these and what you can do IMMEDIATELY, to change that.

10 emails that have been created to help you communicate more effectively during Covid-19. Will I send you the templates? Hell to the YES!

A PDF With 10 Subject Lines

The hidden LinkedIn tactic that will make you a star with your network, NOW more than ever!

What you should do INSTEAD of putting endless hours into posting content.

10 LinkedIn templates that will help you stand out with your network.

Session IV: Creating A Prospecting Cadence That's Helpful, Caring, and Incredibly Effective!

The 5 components of your cadence that MUST be adjusted during Covid-19

3, count 'em, 3, pre-made prospecting cadences, complete with templates, scripts, etc.

A tactic that creates anticipation for your next call, email, etc.


Download it instantly and then go at your own pace!

What's Included?

(4) 60-75 Minute Prerecorded Training Sessions

(3) Phone Scripts

(3) Voicemail Scripts

(10) Email Templates

Bonus PDF With 10 Attention Getting Subject Lines

(10) LinkedIn Templates

Personalized Feedback After Each Session When You Hand In Your Homework Assignment. Yep, your seventh grade math teacher is back baby and he's pissed!

Email Access To Paul Castain To Answer Any Course Related Questions

How Much?


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Each member of your team will have access to Paul Castain and get his personalized feedback with the assignments.

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