How To Get Your Dream Client's ATTENTION 

30+ Ways To Get The Attention Of A Decision Maker With WAAAAY Too Many Distractions!

Here's what we're going to cover:

  • How To Dramatically Increase The Odds Of Having A Decision Maker Take Your Call (Did You Ever Wish There Was A Way You Could Get Someone To Actually Pick Up The Phone? Here You Go!)
  • How A Decision Maker Reads An Email and The 5 Email Tactics Your Peers Are Leveraging To Stand Out.
  • 2 Email Subject Lines That Lead To More Opens and Responses.
  • 1 Simple Phrase That Will Capture A Decision Maker’s Attention.
  • 3 Ways Your Peers Are Leveraging "Seasonal Messaging" To Set Themselves Apart.
  • 15 Ways Your Peers Are Using Creativity To Get In The Door (I’ll Be Sending A Really Cool Bonus PDF After The Webinar)
  • 4 Things You Can Do Via Your Social Network To Get Your Dream Client's Attention (That Pretty Much NO ONE Is Doing!)
  • How To Create A Prospecting Cadence That Helps You Stand Out WITHOUT Becoming A Pain In The Ass!  


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