What Do You Do Once You Connect With Someone On LinkedIn?

Probably NOTHING And That Really SUCKS!

I’ve been on LinkedIn since 2008, and the sad reality is, pretty much nothing happens after you “connect”.

Most people, won’t even send you a “Thanks for the invite” or “Nice to meet you” email.

Most people won’t send along a helpful resource and, for the kicker;

Many are absolutely awful at responding.

Am I saying this because I want to hate on LinkedIn?

I’m saying it because it’s YOUR wake up call to take the lead!

It means that YOU will stand out, if you’re willing to do the exact OPPOSITE, of what the mass majority does;

Send/accept an invite and then do a whole lotta NOTHING!

Brace yourself because this part is really sad;

Life WILL throw left hooks at you and if you think I’m exaggerating, look at all the people who are posting on LinkedIn that they were part of a recent layoff.

As sad as that is, it gets sadder, stay with me;

When I see these posts, I click on their profile to learn more about them so I can hopefully introduce them to someone who can help.

Then it jumps out at me clear as day;

Prior to the lay-off, they weren’t active on LinkedIn!

So who do you think has a higher probability of getting help from their network, be it a job opportunity, a referral, etc.;

The person who has a network familiar with them, or;

The person nobody knows?

Kind of like attempting to withdraw from a bank account that had ZERO deposits!

Do you leverage your social network?

Do you have a communication plan in place, once you connect?

Are you good at keeping in touch with your network? (and not just to try and sell them stuff)

Would you like my LinkedIn communication plan (and templates)?

It’s yours for the taking on Friday, November 17th, at 11:30 am EST.

Here are some valuable things you’ll gain;

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P.S. I look forward to learning with you!

Paul Castain