How To Find The Time To Prospect (Especially When You're Super Busy)

December 6, 2018 // 11:30 AM EST


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I Have A Confession To Make . . .

There was a time when my selling efforts went completely out of whack and I paid for it dearly each payday!  

I didn't really have a good, solid plan to keep up my appearances with both potential clients and existing clients.  

I found myself responding to things instead of taking control of them and if we're being completely honest, I never really felt like I was accomplishing anything, because, quite frankly, I wasn't.  

Sound Familiar?  

So, I created a simple plan, that was so simple, I'd truly have to be a slacker NOT to do it consistently.  

Within a short period of time, I was able to restore balance, increase my paycheck, and feel pretty damn accomplished for a change!  

I'll be sharing my plan during a really cool webinar (If I do say so myself) that will help you take BETTER control of your day to day.  

It all takes place on December 6th, at 11:30 am, and if you don't have time to join us I'll even send you the replay.  

Here's what we're going to discuss;  

  • *The one thing that steals 25% of a sales rep's time and how YOU can steal it back!
  • *How to instantly become MORE productive WITHOUT adding more hours to your day.
  • *How to get MORE prospecting time on your calendar WITHOUT adding more hours to your day.
  • *How to blow off unnecessary meetings WITHOUT being a jerk.
  • *How to use drive time/travel time to your advantage.
  • *The 3 sales activities you can easily automate to save tons of time.
  • *A plan to ROCK your prospecting efforts and a plan to ROCK those efforts when you're super busy!  


December 6th at 11:30 am EST. Can't join us live? Sign up anyway and I'll send you the webinar replay and all the resources listed below.

What Do You Get?  

(1) 90 Minute Webinar  


Webinar Replay  

Bonus PDF With Additional Content, Exercises, Etc. 

Secret Resource Page With Additional PDF's, Articles, ETC. 

How Much?  


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