How To Close MORE Business In The Fourth Quarter

Stop Feeling Stressed About

The Fourth Quarter!

How do you safeguard your deals from things like;


Lost Momentum

Lack Of Urgency

Internal Politics

Skepticism, Doubt, and Objections

Hesitation Due To The Pandemic

And just for the heck of it;

How do you get MORE of those deals across the finish line BEFORE year end?

Mark your calendar for October 27th because that’s when we’re going to discuss;

  • How To Find Higher Probability Prospects.
  • The FedEx You Need To Send Before EVERY New Prospect Meeting.
  • How To IMMEDIATELY Take Control Of Year Deals (Without Being Manipulative)
  • The 3 Types Of Questions That Propel The Sale Forward
  • What To Say/Do When Your Prospect Wants To Take 3 Bids.
  • 1 Dozen Ways To Reduce Doubt, Skepticism, and Hesitation.
  • The Email You MUST Send After EVERY New Business Appointment (And No It Isn’t A “Thank You” Email)
  • 5 Ways To Keep Your Prospect Engaged and Focused On YOU; Even Between Meetings and Phone Calls!
  • 3 Things To Do If You Think You’ve Been Ghosted.


Friday, October 27th from 11:30 am to 1:00 pm EST.

The investment is only $99 and here’s what you’ll get;

(1) 90 minute webinar

The Webinar Replay (Sent out later that day)

3 Templates Your Peers Have Been Using To Expedite Their Deals

Email Access To Paul Castain To Answer Any Webinar Related Questions

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