Guess Who . . . 

DOESN'T have 23 minutes, 15 seconds to get back on task?
Answer: That Person You're About To Cold Call!
23 minutes, 15 seconds, is the average time it takes, for us to get back on task, after an interruption in that activity.
So if you have, even the lowest level decision maker, receiving a minimal amount of calls, you have someone, who just lost a big chunk of their day.
This is why you're getting gunned down (almost) from "Hello", Well that, and the fact that most sales reps, HAVEN'T been properly trained to kick ass on the phone!
On December 1st, at 11:30 am EST, you're going to take better control of the phone!
During this 90 minute webinar, you'll gain access to;
*How to research a potential client WITHOUT becoming a full time research analyst.
*5 Email templates that WARM up a cold call.
*2 ways to get WARM Introductions.
*How to craft an objection resistant dialogue that gets their attention in the first 10 seconds. 
*How to proactively prevent skepticism, doubt, resistance and, I might as well say it;
*How to respond to typical objections like "Not interested/No need" "Have a supplier/Under contract" "Too busy".
*How to respond to typical stalls, like "Call me back next month, next year, after the holidays, next millennium etc" "Send me your information" etc.
*A 3 step formula to help you regain control of your calls.
*4 ways to beat nervousness and call reluctance.

Here's what you'll get;
(1) 90 minute webinar
Webinar Replay (In case you can't make it or you'd just like to go back for seconds)
5 Email Templates
Investment: $99
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