I have a confession to make;

I wanted NOTHING to do with all this talk about AI ChatGPT until I saw how our sales peers were leveraging this incredible tool to;

Save a ton of time, boost their sales, and most importantly, maintain their competitive edge.

Since January 2023, I’ve been learning everything I can and testing numerous prompts, research and competitive data extraction, cold calling scripts, and pretty much everything needed to utilize AI effectively throughout the entire sales cycle, and;

I put it all together in a cool download!

Here's a brief overview;

Session 1: 
How To Use AI To Target Your ICP (Ideal Customer Profile)
Creating a Hyper-Personalized Multi-Channel Prospecting Sequence with ChatGPT
Customizing Your Cold Calls, Voicemails, Emails, and LinkedIn Templates Like a Pro – Your Style, Your Voice!
Supercharge Your Prospecting Game with a Complete List of ChatGPT Prompts

Session 2: 
How To Use AI To Create a More Effective Needs Analysis
Unleashing the Power of AI for a More Targeted Demo
Craft a Hyper-Personalized Multi-Channel Follow-Up Sequence That Makes Prospects Go “Wow!”
Unlock the Secrets of Deal Velocity with ChatGPT Prompts

Session 3: 
Maximize Account Potential with ChatGPT as Your Sidekick
Boost Account Retention with ChatGPT’s Super Skills
Equip Yourself with a Complete List of ChatGPT Prompts to Retain and Grow Your Accounts


Download it now and then go at your own pace!

What’s Included?

(3) 60 Minute Pre-Recorded Training Sessions

50+ ChatGPT Prompts

Email Templates, Phone Scripts, and Bonus PDF With 100 Needs Analysis Questions You Can Customize With ChatGPT.

How Much?


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