A Pre-Thanksgiving Sale For Sales Reps

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Need sales? No problem!

During this special Pre-Thanksgiving Sale there are deep discounts on resources to help you prospect more effectively, close more business, and grow your existing accounts too. Just make sure you take advantage of these deals BEFORE November 25th at 6:00 pm EST because that's when we take this mother down!

Deal #1 The Prospecting Trifecta (Save $125)

If you had to choose between email, phone, or LinkedIn;

What would be your preference?  

No matter which one you just chose, you need to understand two super important things;  

1) Your prospect doesn't care about YOUR preference, they care about THEIRS and;  

2) Don't EVER let anyone fool you into believing that you have to chose!  

To truly THRIVE in sales, you had better be using ALL 3!  

Better yet, you should be using all 3 in a way that complements each other!  

That's why I've combined my;  

Cold Calling, Cold Email, and LinkedIn programs into a special download and just for sh*ts and giggles;

Included lots of extras!

Here's what I have planned for you;  

Session 1 Warming Up Your Cold Calls

  • 30 ways to find potential clients who have a higher probability of needing what you sell TODAY. 
  •  How to research quickly and efficiently so it doesn't become your life's work.  
  • 33 ways to approach a potential client. 
  • Creating a prospecting cadence that maximizes exposure while limiting something experts refer to as "Becoming a pain in the ass".  

Session 2 Navigating Obstacles, Stalls, and Objections During Your Cold Calls  

  • How to craft an objection resistant dialogue that gets their attention from "Hello". I'm also going to send you a template you can IMMEDIATELY apply.  
  • How to proactively prevent skepticism, doubt, resistance, and I might as well say it, OBJECTIONS!  
  • A 3 step formula for responding to 95% of the objections you get on a regular basis. 
  • A simple formula to generate, at least, 3 new phone appointments, each week!  
  • 4 types of voice mails that will capture the recipient's attention. I'm also going to send you the templates. 

Session 3 Cold Emails That Get Opened, Read, and Responded To

  • 4 ways to get email addresses WITHOUT spending a dime on email lists. 
  • 50 different types of emails that I'm personally using to get results for my business. Oh, and I'm also going to send you the templates! 
  • 12 subject line mistakes that you need to avoid. Keep making them and you're hosed!  
  • 12 BETTER subject lines that get your email read. 
  •  12 ways to head off skepticism, doubt, and objections. 
  •  One EPIC mistake, just about every sales rep makes, in the first 3 sentences of an email.  
  • A really simple, 4 step messaging framework that gets results. 
  •  2 Psychological techniques that work like a charm! 
  •  How to dramatically increase your response rate 

Session 4 How To Generate MORE Leads Via LinkedIn

  • What to say and do, from the moment, you connect with someone. And I’m going to give you the exact templates that I’ve been using!
  • How to position yourself apart from your competition.
  • How to provide value WITHOUT conditioning a bunch of freeloaders who love to “friendzone” you! 
  • How to create a referral machine . . .Even with people who’ve never bought from you!
  • How to IMMEDIATELY increase your phone appointments each week. Note: My coaching clients average 10 more appointments each week. Your mileage may vary.
  • How to dramatically increase your response rates via LinkedIn.
  • How to approach someone without coming across as salesy. How do you feel when this happens to you on LinkedIn?
  • How to do this all on a tight schedule.

Go at your own pace!  

Review each session in its entirety or break each session up into smaller increments. Binge watch them back to back. I won't tell anyone! 


Download it now. Go at your own pace!

Here’s What You’ll Get;  

(4) 90 minute Pre-Recorded Sessions (with over 100 ACTIONABLE ideas to help improve your prospecting efforts!) 

(4) Sets of Worksheets.

(1) Opening Statement Template

(1) Objection Buster Template

(4) Voicemail Templates

(35) Cold Email Templates

(15) LinkedIn Templates

(1) Bonus E-Book  

Access To Secret Resource Page With Bonus Content, PDFs, Etc.  

What’s The Investment?  

Normally it's $375 but since this is a Pre-Thanksgiving Sale, let's make it a cool $250 Click HERE to purchase this resource for only $250!

Deal #2 How To Sell During Uncertain Times (Save $25)

During This Download, You Will Learn:

  • 10 Ways To Add Value (And Be MORE Human) During These Challenging Times. The Big Advice right now is to "be kind" and "add value", but how do you do that WITHOUT giving away the store? 
  • 2 Messaging Tactics That You'll Need To Start Utilizing ASAP. Times have changed and therefore your sales messaging must change too!
  • 5 Must Have Messaging Templates. We'll discuss the psychology behind each approach and then I'll send you the templates so you don't have to run out and take a crash course on copywriting during an apocalypse.
  • 12 Things You Must Include In Your Cadence To Stay "Top of Mind" and Reduce Obstacles, Stalls, and Objections. Your prospect is distracted, scared, and reluctant to spend money right now!

Click HERE to purchase this resource now.

Deal #3 How To Ask AWESOME Sales Questions (Save $25)

If you’re like most salespeople, and you come across training on asking better sales questions;

You roll your eyes and you automatically think;

“Here’s another repackaging of all those open-ended and closed questions I learned when I was a sales padawan”

Or maybe you’re thinking . . .

“You’re going to tell me to ‘look for the pain’ right?”

Boy, are you mistaken! In fact, you couldn’t pay me enough to regurgitate that garbage!

There’s SOOOOOOO much more to asking kick-ass questions than clinging to that stuff!

That's why I created a special training so we can take a deep dive into the art of asking kick-ass questions!

During this download, you'll learn to:

  • Take BETTER Control Of Your Meetings
  • Gently Guide A Prospect Instead Of "Pitching" Them
  • Create Dialogues That Are Value Focused Instead Of Price Focused
  • Close MORE Business By Leveraging Advanced Questioning Skills
  • Includes 90 Minute Prerecorded Training, Worksheets, PDF With 100 Sample Questions.

Click HERE to purchase this resource for only $74

Deal #4 Closers Academy (Save $50)

You've worked hard to get in front of your opportunities!

Wouldn't it be nice to get a few more deals across the finish line?

Sometimes that's easier said than done!  

There are competitors and internal stakeholders whispering in your contact's ear (both ears if they have two)  

There are obstacles, stalls, and objections you need to overcome so; 

How Do You Take BETTER Control . . . 

WITHOUT being controlling, contrived, and manipulative?  

I've put together a special, 2 session, online course, to help you get more of your deals across the finish line!  

Here's the plan;  

Session I (Prerecorded View It At Any Time)  

*The one question you MUST ask the minute you set the appointment. 

*The Pre Appointment Packet you need to get into your prospect's hands BEFORE your meeting.  

*A template that will help you take immediate control of your next prospect meeting (without having you come across as pushy or manipulative).  

*12 tactics that safeguard your deal from obstacles, stalls, and objections. 

*5 Types of questions (with examples) that jumpstart your prospect's emotions while forging your credibility.  

*How to disqualify competitors WITHOUT badmouthing them.  

Session II (Prerecorded View At Any Time)  

*The one question you MUST ask BEFORE presenting your solutions.  

*3 things to include in your proposals that your competitors WON'T!  

*How to keep the discussion from going prematurely to price.  

*12 ways to REDUCE doubt, skepticism and objections while keeping your deal moving forward.  

*How to keep the attention of ALL of the stakeholders, better yet, how to keep them actively involved in the meeting!  

*3 psychological techniques that work like a charm.  

*A communication plan that addresses THE most dangerous time with your prospects . . . The time between meetings!  

Go at your own pace!  

Review each 90 minute session in its entirety or break each session up into smaller increments. Binge watch them back to back. I won't tell anyone!  

Here’s What You’ll Get . . .  

(2) 90 minute sessions with over 50 ideas to dramatically improve your ability to get MORE deals across the finish line.  

(2) Sets of Worksheets  


What’s The Investment?  

Normally $199. Click HERE to purchase this resource for $149 now

Deal #5 Staying In Touch With Prospects Without Being Annoying, Desperate, or Salesy (Save $25)

There's a really dangerous part of the sales cycle where many a deal takes a bullet;  

The time, in between meetings!  

Your prospect’s limited attention span, will take them away from;  

The emotional intensity that (hopefully) you created during your meeting.  

Their urgency to change  

The steps they need to make the change  

Thinking about you  

Thinking about your company  

Thinking about your solution  

Additionally, you might misinterpret a highly distracted buyer as someone who’s giving you the old blow off.  

You’re at RISK!

So what are you going to do, between meetings, to stay top of mind (without any of that awful “Calling to check in” stuff)?  

What are you going to do to keep them engaged and excited?  

What are you going to do to create and sustain urgency?  

What are you going to do to continue to demonstrate that YOU are the BETTER choice?  

These are questions you need to be pondering and brainstorming with your sales team.  

And when you’re ready for some answers;  

Download This Special Resource I've Prepared For You

During This Training, You Will Learn:

  • The 3 Things You Must Do After Each Prospect Meeting. 
  • The 3 Most Important Things To Reinforce Between Meetings and 15 Ways To Do It. 
  • What To Do When Things Get Competitive.  
  • 5 Things To Do If You Think You've Been "Ghosted". 
  • A 10 Point Communication Plan (With Templates) To Help You Stay "Top of Mind" and Gently Guide Your Contact From Prospect To Client. 

Please click HERE to purchase this resource for only $74

Deal #6 How To Grow Your Existing Accounts (Save $25)

GROWING your existing accounts can be delicate.

If you push too hard, you jeopardize the business but;

If you fail to cultivate the business, you aren’t serving your client at the highest level and money is left on the table.

That’s why you need a plan and if you think “calling to check in” is a good plan, think again!

I created a resource to help!

Here's what we cover during this download;

  • How To Get The Inside Track On New Opportunities.
  • How To Sell Change.
  • A 3 Step Questioning Technique That Helps Safeguard Your Accounts, Generates MORE Business, Testimonials, and Referrals.
  • How To Get Access To Other Stakeholders Without Offending Your Contact.
  • How To Expand To Other Divisions, Locations Etc.
  • How To Add Value Via Ideas, Surprises, and Resources.
  • How To Create A “Keep In Touch” Plan Without Defaulting To “Calling To Check In”.
  • A Meeting Format That Opens Your Client (and all the stakeholders) Up To New Ideas.

Download it instantly for only $74 by Clicking HERE.

Deal #7 Rock Star Academy (Save $200)

Decision Makers Are Busier Than EVER!

They are more distracted than ever before and . . .  

They have more choices today than ever before . . .  

How do we get them to jump off their treadmill long enough, to hear us out and grant us an appointment?  

Once we have an appointment, how do we take control of that interaction without becoming "controlling" or manipulative?  

How do we ask the questions that emotionally charge our prospects and lead them on a path of self discovery instead of "pitching" them?  

How do we set the rules of engagement in competitive situations and maneuver our competitors into a defensive stance, without bad mouthing them?  

How do we present our solutions in a way that appeals to ALL of the stakeholders?  

How do we keep all those stakeholders engaged between appointments? (Don't forget they're busy and are easily distracted)  

How do we overcome obstacles, stalls and objections, while gaining commitment and without using some cheesy, cliched close?  

And what the heck can we do when a prospect goes "silent" (And what could we have done on the front end, to have reduced the probability of this happening?)  

The wrong question would be . . .  

How does one survive in this environment?  

Perhaps its time to ask a different question;  

How can a sales rep THRIVE in this environment to the point of becoming A Sales Rock Star!  

I've put together a rather unique, online training program, to help you;  

Get In Front Of MORE Opportunities  

Take Better Control Of Those Opportunities  

Bring MORE Of Those Opportunities Across The Finish Line  

I'm going to take you "backstage" and share the step by step system my clients and I have been using to grow our sales. 

I'm going to provide you with templates for email, phone, voicemail, social networking, networking, handwritten notes, and asking for referrals.  

I'm going to share actual examples (no theory or philosophical crap on my watch).  

And I'm going to deliver this in a way that changes the way you feel about "sales training" for the better!  

Please allow me to present . . . Paul Castain's Rock Star Academy!

There are 13 pre-recorded modules so you can go at your own pace. Yep, you won't have to try and make it at a predetermined time, because there ISN'T any!

Here's what I have planned for you;  

Session 1: Creating An Effective Prospecting Plan  

Session 2 : 20 Ways To Create Opportunities  

Session 3: Meticulous Pre-Call Planning  

Session 4: Cold Emails That Get Opened, Read, and Responded To  

Session 5: A Cure For The Common Cold Call.  

Session 6: Social Selling Tactics  

Session 7: Network Like A Pro  

Session 8: How To ROCK Your Referrals  

Session 9: How To Get Your Dream Client's Attention  

Session 10: Creating A Kick-Ass Prospecting Cadence  

Session 11: How To Take Control Of Your Prospect Meetings  

Session 12: Presenting Your Solutions With IMPACT!  

Session 13: Negotiate Like A Pro  


You'll get your first prerecorded session immediately and then a new session will follow once a week.

What's included?  

(13) 45-90 Minute Pre-Recorded Sessions Delivered Once Per Week  

Worksheets For Each Session  

Homework Assignments  

Templates (Actually A Ton Of Templates)  

Bonus e-Books  

Email Access To Paul Castain To Answer Any Course Related Questions and To Get Feedback On Your Assignments.

Please click HERE to get this resource for only $599. You're welcome!

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