70 Ways To ROCK Your Cold Emails

Email, beyond a shadow of a doubt, is THE noisiest form of outreach for us in sales. 

Our potential clients are inundated with emails on a daily basis and yet;  

The AVERAGE sales rep is disregarded and deleted quicker than you can say;  

Why doesn't anyone respond to my emails?  

What can we do to stand out via email?  

Better yet;  

What can we do to actually build a relationship so we can get in front of more opportunities?  

So I decided to address it head on!  

I decided to do a complete overhaul of my most popular email webinar and turbo charge the sh*t out of it!  

How so?

Well for starters I've created 50 sales email templates. You're welcome!  

This way you have a really lethal arsenal of emails instead of the 2 or 3 the average sales rep utilizes.  

And let's be honest;  

Those 2-3 emails you're currently using;  

Probably look identical to the ones your competitors are using!  

Next, I have 70 tactics to help you seriously ROCK your email chops! 

Here's what I'm going to share during this download; 

  • 30 ways to find potential clients who are 400% more likely to buy NOW!
  • 4 ways to get email addresses WITHOUT spending a dime on email lists.
  • 50 different types of emails that I'm personally using to get results for my business. Oh, and I'm also going to send you the templates!
  • 12 subject line mistakes that you need to avoid. Keep making them and you're hosed! 
  • 12 BETTER subject lines that get your email read. 
  • 12 ways to head off skepticism, doubt and objections. 
  • One EPIC mistake, just about every sales rep makes, in the first 3 sentences of an email. 
  • A really simple, 4 step messaging framework that gets results. 
  • 2 Psychological techniques that work like a charm! 
  • How to dramatically increase your response rate 



Download it instantly! 

What Do You Get?

(1) 90 minute download  

50 Email Templates  

How Much?  


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