A training session with Paul Castain, CEO, Castain Training Systems

20 Emails That Get Opened, Read and Responded To!

Join Me... and I Will Personally Walk You Through My 20 BEST Sales Emails!”

79% Of The Sales Emails You Send Are Never Even Opened!

But in your defense, you're an aspiring sales rock star, NOT some Madison Avenue copywriter!

Meanwhile, you're disregarded, deleted and someone else is sweeping your potential client off their feet!

Sucks, right?

For the better part of the last decade, I've been REALLY paying attention to what types of emails get opened, read and responded to, and;

What types DON'T!

So I created a special download where I teach you my 4 step messaging framework, share my 20 best sales emails, and then send you on your way with my templates.

Here are just a few of the emails we discuss;

  • The 2 emails that generate a sick amount of appointments for me each week.
  • The "Evidence" email (with 12 different variations) that reduces doubt, skepticism and objections.
  • The email that demonstrates your expertise.
  • The "Little Big Horn" email.
  • 2 emails you MUST send to your LinkedIn network.
  • The "Pattern Interrupt" email.
  • The "Social Clue" email.
  • The "Disappearing Prospect" email.
  • The "Warm Intro" email (with 2 variations)
  • An intro email (with 30 different variations).
  • The "Reverse Call To Action" email

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Here's what you'll get;

(1) 90 minute download with over 50 ideas. 

  • Worksheets
  • My personal sales email folder with 20 templates!

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